Friday, 23 September 2011

performance 22.9.2011

und hier noch eines- an other photo!

and a third one- und das dritte:



  1. So brave
    I could hit that man in the background for his smirking silly smile

    And I am NOT physically violent,not ever!!

    Love you Michele

  2. dear veritee, the man smiling is my very good friend carsten. he was one speaking at the audience. and he was the one with a the clear statement " popes are muder!" and he made us all to remain in silence for two minutes to think of all people died because of HIV/AIDS. :-)

  3. Oh dear!! I made a mistake but it was only due to my protectivness of you and support for what you do!!
    So sorry.~

    This just goes to show how with a photograph you can get the wrng immpression of what is happening
    Apologise to Carsten for me!!

  4. you couldn't know that! <3 much love to you veritee! and thank you for offering me this blog!