Sunday, 18 September 2011

The Pope is Comming

Me too!

Blood of millions is in his hands & all Popes

On September .22.2011 Pope Benedict XVI will give a speech before the German parliament in Berlin.
A HUGE protest is coming up against this possibility for a religious leader to promote religion and belief at a secular democratic institution.

I' ll be there as woman. as body. bloody angry, bloody in to history.
I' ll walk "naked" and i will "paint" a trail of blood in the street.

The protest is against the influence of religion in to politics of any religion leader in the world.
The protest is specifically against THIS religious leader. A leader who blames every non-catholic human being to be miss leaded and dammed.

A leader who is one of the top hardliners in moral and ethics.
A leader who is dogmatic and inhuman.
A leader who is responsible for still more mysogenie, homophobie, islamophobie and antisemitism.
A leader who is responsible for his priests (sexualy )violenting children all over the world.

A leader who was active in covering the scandals.
A leader who is responsible of inhuman gender- and sexual-morals and- politics!
A leader who is responsible for the spread of HIV
A leader who is responsble for the death and the murdering of uncountable human beeings
....and much more.


The demonstration Starts at the Postdammer place in Berlin, at 16h .

Who? bündnis gegen den papst.
The alliance against the pope is coming from (70) organisations.
LGBT, agnostic and atheistic organisations, women-organisations and others.
You can find here all goals, events and links:

( edit:24.9-'11)


  1. Please say on your Journey Michele

    I have HIV and I am not the whore, the 'woman of loose morals' most seem now to see me as.

    I am a VERY ordinary woman, an older woman in her late 50s in fact, with a whole life before me before I had/acquired HIV and got branded with societies brand of HIV
    I am a woman in her 50s who just happens also to also have HIV - and - anyone can get HIV!!!

  2. I think my main message that I would want you to recite for me in your performance is

    'anyone can get HIV, anyone at all'

  3. yes, veritee! i will say that, for shure!

  4. I have given it some thought and I would like it if you could be silent for 2 minutes for all the people who think the pope is an irrelevant anachronism who should just shut up.


  5. of course. i will be silent. and he should shut up!